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My notes about the basics of quantum information - part 2

 Quantum information My notes bellow from this  lesson on the basics of quantum information  , the section about quantum information. Everything is a bit similar to the way of describing classical information :    my notes. A quantum state of a system is represented by a column vector( quantum vector) with indices corresponding to the classical states. The differences: The elements are complex numbers( e.g. 2+3 i ) The Euclidean norm of such vector is equal to 1. The elements are sometimes called amplitudes instead of probabilities*. Quick refresher about complex numbers.  Quick refresher about Euclidean norm . Qubit - quantum bit , a bit that can be in a quantum state Quantum state vectors representing qubit state vectors with classical states 0 and 1.  Measuring quantum system => extracting classical state info Standard basis measurement => it is a classical state; probability for a given classical state to be the outcome of a measurement is the absolute value squared of the co

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