Linux (Red Hat) cheatsheet

     sudo apt-get install

shell - interface of the OS

bash - default command line shell

gnome- graphical shell

ctrl shift +  terminal zoom in

ctrl - --> terminal zoom out 

ctrl shift N --> new terminal if one is open

Shortcut to open terminal in GUI - maybe ctrl alt t  , if not add a shortcut for command gnome-terminal.

--help -  h

ls -a/-o/--all   all + hidden files, list -a/--all are same; -o shows permissions 

command | less

ctrl A - go to the beginning of the line in the terminal

(sudo) chvd 3 A - change V terminals

who  who is logged in and where ( which VT), -q how many users are logged in( might be the same on several VT)

w  who is logged in and where ( which VT) + more env info for the users


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